"Aurora Optima" - aurora borealis tour in Lapland

Only the sky is the limit !

aurora research in Kiruna
aurora research in Kiruna

If you decide to book our aurora borealis excursion to Abisko we will deliver the tour to Abisko. In case you should decide to book our "Aurora Ultima" tour to Finland we will be pleased to drive you to Finland. But what happens when the weather is bad and the sky is cloudy ? Aurora is a natural phenomenon and we can never be sure to see it... Still we'll have costs for staff in work under night time so we'll have to charge you. To absolutely optimize your chances to experience aurora borealis in Lapland we decided to arrange a "surprise" - tour that covers the entire 20.000 sqkm area of Kiruna municipality! When booking this tour you won't know where we will bring you that night and we won't know it either. We will be checking all weather forecasts and aurora predictions during the day and make the final decision at 7pm in the evening. With pick up from your accommodation in Kiruna or Jukkasjärvi at 9pm you will get the info if we might drive you towards Abisko/Norway or if we rather drive towards Finland. Alternative it could happen that we bring you out towards the foot of Sweden's highest mountain in Nikkaluokta to even add realistic chances to see moose while searching for aurora. But definitely we will always choose areas off the beaten tracks of mass tourism and spots with as little light pollution as possible!
The range of total distance to drive on this tour varies from at least 150 Km to max 480 Km in case the weather situation should let you end up on the route of our "Aurora Ultima" tour but for a cheaper price ! Duration will be at least 4,5 hours but could sum up to 9 hours as well.
Our "iron will to deliver aurora borealis" to our guests and the area of Kiruna (that is 28 times the size of Singapore OR 5 times the size of Dubai OR still 0,5 times the size of Switzerland!) will let us find a piece of clear sky! During the season 2016/2017 we had incredible 86% of successful nights on this tour...

But please keep in mind:

The aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon like the sun, rain, wind or a thunderstorm. As much as we would like to - we simply can not guarantee that you will see aurora during your stay in Kiruna. It's nature !

Pickup is at 9pm from your hotel/hostel in Kiruna / 8.30 PM in case you stay in Jukkasjärvi

Minimum age: 12 years

Included: Guiding in English/Swedish/German, coffee / tea /water / bisquits / winegum / ...

SEK 2099/person - min 1 participants max 6 participants.

STUDENTS: SEK 1899/person - but you have to book for at least 2 people & the guide will ask for a valid student ID. Otherwise you'll have to pay the ordinary price with the balance with departure...

incl. 1- 4 people


Pick-up only from Kiruna or Jukkasjärvi - in case your accommodation is in Riksgränsen, Abisko, Björkliden, Gällivare,... You have to arrange your own transfer to Kiruna to join this tour and back to your hotel after the trip!

To check availability please use the arrows to navigate to the preferred date.

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PLEASE NOTE: Our booking system does NOT accept reservations less than 48h prior to departure. If you want to join this tour "last minute" please call +46 - (0)73 - 83 65 115 or contact us via WhatsApp. We might have seats available even in case the booking system shows "fully booked"


we can arrange this tour for bigger groups as well ! Just contact us for your individual offer by mail or call +46 (0)73 - 83 65 11 5

To avoid light pollution ...

- for biggest possible contrast of visible aurora borealis - we might bring you towards one of the directions shown below. These satellite images are provided by the NASA.


... but this is just the direction !
... but this is just the direction ! We will definitely NOT stop in Abisko village - as the satellite image shows there's lots of light!

or towards the border to Finland

As you can see there's lots of darkness ...
As you can see there's lots of darkness ... and only very few settlements !

or towards Nikkaluokta !

Towards south / lower left corner of the image
Towards south / lower left corner of the image The small road is not even classified by NASA - plain dark Lapland...